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Hello, I'm Casey. Thanks for visiting my page.

I am a mom to three children who light up my life (and of course make me just a little nuts sometimes!) I love all things that tell a story-- an old mason jar from my grandma; a painting from a local artist; a piece of furniture with lots of history; anything in an antique store; and of course, photos! I absolutely love looking at photographs in which I can take one glance and feel the emotion of that particular moment. I've always enjoyed documenting life whether it be through journal writing, creating photos albums, blogging, or taking photos. Since becoming a mom 8 years ago, I developed a passion (some may even call it an obsession!) for documenting the daily stories of my own children. Years down the road, I know I will love to look at these images and be taken right back to that very moment and that very emotion. I love being able to create these images for other families too and am grateful for opportunities to help preserve these memories.

Before our children joined our family, I was a social worker. I loved working with people from varying backgrounds, and loved hearing their stories and being a part of their lives even if just for a glimpse of time. I now love being invited to spend time with families for a morning or an afternoon so that I can observe and capture their very own story.

My goal as an artist is to create compelling images of you and those you love. I am inspired by beautiful lighting and will seek it out during our session. I am equally inspired by the emotions and interactions shared between family members, and often find that my favorite images are those that reflect these sentiments.

I'd love the opportunity to capture authentic moments of you and your family. I'd love to help tell your story for the day.

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